Share MTrek with your friends!

Written by  on May 1, 2016

I’m more or less testing Facebook’s “embed” feature here. This is a post that’s been floating around the fb scene for a couple[...]

6.1.0 (not the Beta) is Now Live!

Written by  on April 3, 2016

The Beta took a lot more work than originally expected, but isn’t that always the case with software projects? Collectively, we flew more than 360[...]

Fleet Admirals (website update)

Written by  on February 15, 2016

Some of you guys have been killing it on the high score boards, so to add some distinction among mtrek.com’s Fleet Admirals, I’ve tripled the[...]

6.0 Beta is LIVE now.

Written by  on February 14, 2016

See the discussion thread in the forums for details and specs. The Beta will run for about 30 days. Note that your “Delta quad” ships are now[...]

6.0 Beta launches THIS WEEKEND (Feb 13-14)

Written by  on February 13, 2016

tentatively, of course… The stability testing seems to have gone well so far. I’ve stickied a forum topic for the beta, which will include[...]

Welcome to our new server!

Written by  on November 22, 2015

If you’re reading this, it probably means (at least some of) the DNS records have caught up and “mtrek.com” now points you to the correct[...]

test post

Written by  on November 21, 2015

test words [...]

Supervision Required

Written by  on November 16, 2015

This is what happens when bots are left to their own devices. UPDATE: Sphere 290 is still running strong… The Vice Admiral ranked robot is almost[...]

User Accounts available

Written by  on November 15, 2015

Anyone interested in a website user account, (so you don’t have to use the math captcha when you post/comment) can email mtrek@live.com, and I’ll[...]

New Server Update

Written by  on November 15, 2015

gee-whizz info: The under-construction Constitution banner on the new server represents the status of the site. I Ran some tests and the mtrek.com database[...]