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The best PVP battle I’ve had in a very long time.
Squirel has zeroed in on the RWAR as the best ship class
for him…. so we had a one on one battle with him in
a RWAR and I was in my AVG-IX.

It was to the death, so I asked him to launch his gold
RWAR to play.

At first we had bot interference in Omega quadrant so we
moved to alpha and headed to Ursus…. far out there we
began. Squirel had already told me about his plasma strategy
in the RWAR, so I was prepared. My strategy was to run him
out of plasma eventually, so I cud pummel him in the end.
It was going to take a long time.

Well that is the way it went for ten or fifteen minutes… no
hits on either side except for a mine or too.

Then a Sqhere shows up unexpectanly, so I wasted all my resources
trying to kill the Sphere… ASSUMING Squirel wud do the same
so we cud get back to our one on one battle. BUT! to my surprise,
he joined to bot in an attempt to kill me!

I was helpless to both assaults… I was finished. THEN!
Squirel informed me that he had called the bot for this very
purpose and I fell into hi trap!

Squirel wins! Fortunately for me, Squirel is a pilot of valor…
like in the old biplane dogfight days, when they would salute
each other rather than send the beaten foe to their death.

My hat is off to u Squirel… I am old school… now I must
think new school. Good strategy!
FUN! even if I wud have died… still fun.

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