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Srry 4 poor typing I’m on Mobile…

This is definitely an intersting and controversial topic… Itz a civil war between vets who want to relive classic mtrek and today’s players who are in love with their ships…. And they really really really really love their ships…. 2 sets of people that want the exact opposite for mtrek and are willing to fight to the death over it!!!!

Maybe that was a *little* over exaggerated but it makes the forums so much more interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

So first off addressing the 14 core ships..

I don’t really like the idea of changing or tweaking the core 14 ships to better compete with the newer ships. Having to re-learn a shop you’ve spent hours learning isn’t fun… Losing a fight to a vulture because you didn’t realize your ship was nerfed or his ship was upgraded isn’t much fun either… They 14 should always be the same and be the standard for adjusting the rest of the new ships.

Next for all the new ship classes.

Some classes should totally be removed or changed

1200 dmg drones
1200 dmg mines
2100 dmg torp dump
Warp 14
Phasers it can’t use
Maybe use it as a bonus ship of some sorts?

outclasses Larson galor ferengi(you can still get gold a lot faster in an avg than in a ferengi with gold bonus)
Maybe make it a warp 12?

It’s an impractical an silly camping ship… I made it to the top of the highscores by simply sitting on a sb and saving off whenever a dangerous ship came. I would lure bots (especially cardies) and then wreck them. Even if you run out of AM it has enough warp energy to camp without AM altogether.
I think the keldon should be completely removed

Sorry Rick I know how much you promote this ship, but it’s pretty much junk (no offense)
Other ships have impressive weapons to quickly destroy their opponents so they only have to be in range a few seconds. D-10 Arc 180 excel can deliver some serious dmg in only a few seconds. Before their opponent can react they’re already crippled. D-12 can’t. D-12 has trouble staying in range and does very little dmg in the time it is in range. Probably the worst Klingon ship in my opinion.

This one looks good on paper but isn’t in gameplay. 50 oblits and 35 phasers isn’t enough to destroy a ship. After a vorcha unloads its payload it’s still shooting 1 torp a second. d-11 can’t deliver consistent dmg. It took me like 30+ minutes to kill one bot….

Valdore > Vshar
Add a twarp XD

Those are a few that came to mind as examples but I’m pressed for time.

I think the game should only have 14 ships to start from, and the players have to upgrade with gold. So they’re only be about 1-2 next gen ships online at a time. It would give gold value, and players a goal to shoot for. It would solve the warbird/Rwar problem of some class upstaging others.

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