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You know… I think I like where you’re going with this.

I can’t say I agree with you on all points here, but switching back to an “upgrades” model like we had in 4.x (when you started playing) neatly solves the problem of what to do with all the existing ships in the database: Simple, keep them all alive.

A 4.x-ish version with upgrades also allows us to get away with the upgrade-ships being slightly more powerful than their “core-14” counterparts. After all, we ARE paying gold to get them. The cost for upgrading can also be a balancing factor for upgrade ships that are more powerful than other upgrade ships. ie, a KPB-13 to D-11 upgrade might be almost free, while a (standard issue) Warbird to (badass) RWAR might cost 10,000 gold.

Very interesting subject indeed!

There are a couple of problems to figure out though:

(1) What to do with the bots… If we’re trying to keep the game “classic” and simple enough for old vets to get back into it quickly, the bots would probably need to all come from the core-14 list. Anyone “clued” enough to be flying around in an upgrade ship would likely be a regular here already… and hopefully not dickish enough to trash the rusty oldbies with their fancy upgraded ships. I think we can manage that, and slowly ease those old returning guys into the whole “upgrade” thing while they re-familiarize themselves with the basic game and basic robot opponents.

The issue with core-14 bots, is that gameplay might become stale for the regulars who mostly fight bots and avoid conflict with humans. Tying into that, the regs will have upgrade ships, and will smoke the core-14 bots even more easily than we do already with 38 possible robot classes.

BUT! mtrek is a social multiplayer game, above all else. The multiplayer-ness above all else, attracts/keeps new players. Without m(shipletter) and m*, the game would die. Simple as that. Being a persistent-world MPG, there is a lot of politicking and conflict going on between players. If we can remain socially active, (there is somebody online more often than not these days) and keep doing what we do, the PvP element will emerge. That PvP element will help bring out the depth of an upgrade-class setup… And I think this will actually work in the long run.

So to summarize problem #1 (core-14 bots), I think we’d be perfectly fine with that- even if there is less variety in the bot department.

(2) As soon as a returning veteran player catches wind of the whole upgrade thing, his (or her LOL. I’ve only encountered a small handful of female MTrekkers in the 20+ yrs I’ve been playing this game – easier to just say “his” for now I guess) mind will be blown. It is almost the same thing as having close to 40 classes at the start menu, only they have to learn (a) the specs of the “new” classes and (b) how tf the whole upgrade system works.

This problem #2 is tricky, because we need to initially present the game in a way that seems familiar and is easy to pick up- at least long enough to get those players hooked again. Having standard ships and standard bots to start with will help, but as soon as I log in with my 80k AVG-IX, our cover will be blown…

If there’s one thing I regret about admin-ing this server, it’s my own lack of dedication to updating the documentation, player guides, maps etc… I can’t help myself; I’m addicted to the game, and if I have a spare minute or two, I’m more likely to log in and earn a few K or bs with whom ever is online- than I am to update the docs 😛 Forgive me, but maybe I’d be a better admin if I wasn’t also totally hooked on playing this game haha

Anyways, to support a 7.0 with a classic front window, but also with a deep underlying advancement system, everything would need to be well documented. I’m not sure how to overcome that obstacle, other than to step up my own game as admin and put my nose to the documentation grindstone, dammit! Lol

I can see one solution to this problem #2 (This is the lazy mtrekker in me talking): And that is, don’t document shit. Put up a standard players guide, mention briefly that there’s upgrade classes available, maybe even post the specs of those classes somewhere… but basically do as so many of today’s games have done, and leave it up to the players to figure it all out. Honestly, the “struggle-to-figure-shit-out” aspect of modern gaming has evolved not only from cutting costs and man hours to put a how-to guide into a plastic disc case, but also from the fact that it truly adds some depth to the gaming experience, and maybe these multi-$M corporations are on to something.

I could totally keep going with a #3/#4 etc… but I have stuff to do now. Anyways, I think I’m more on board with your ideas SQ, than I am with skinning the game down to a 1998 MTrek clone. Thanks for posting buddy!

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