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Not sure the goal of resetting. I would prefer if you not destroy all the ships I worked so long and hard to create stay as they are, stats stay. You can remove the score I do not really pay attention to the score. It is kinda interesting from a metric perspective how I rank compared to others and different ship class. I fly Con II-A, if I have to recreate all my II-A over and that takes a lot of time and deaths. I have come to the conclusion that for every Con II-A That makes it 5 baby con must die, so that is 1 to 6 ratio. If you want to reset everything to zero then so be it. I do think people with admiral status should stay. I saw a DY ship: Klatu who made admiral and over 100k in gold. That is a really tough achievement in a DY. Not sure if this helps you make the decision but that is kinda my two cents. This is the order of preference below from me. I believe the last choice of resetting,(complete wipe), everything may be unavoidable. So if that is the case then just do it when you feel its time.

1 Reset only the gold- the ships will maintain all of their other stats.
2 Kill all the ships- lets player accounts maintain their hard-earned ranks on the website. Top ships still show up on the “dead” page for posterity.
3 Complete wipe- delete all ships from the database. Everyone starts with nothing.

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