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If you’ve already read the 11.1.0 patch notes, you know I’ve walked back my hawkish stance on D-10 & D-11 cloaks. Objectively, neither ship is viable without cloak for more than a few fights. If you’re playing the “long game”, your only somewhat safe option is to base-sit in a remote quadrant and cherry-pick bots one at a time. That’s a very slow grind, and not very entertaining.

In 11.0.0, the D-10/11 had RBoP-like cloak, which wasn’t a very good fit. The duration was too long and the energy cost was too high for the Klingons’ warp cost. It made for inconsistent play and still left the ships extremely vulnerable to plasma.

Now, the stock ship + (any form of cloak) is definitely better than just the stock ship, but a *bad* ship + (slight improvement) doesn’t necessarily equal a *good* ship. So far, the Vor’Cha’s 40-second, 60-power, slow-regen cloak feels just about right on the D-11, since the D-11 has regenerating oblits, longer torp range, and warp 13. The D-10 however, is slower, has no regen, and less torp range. In testing on both a private server and in the live game, it looks like the D-10’s sweet spot might be the Vor’Cha’s 40/60 cloak with a faster regen, or possibly even the KEV-12’s 50/50 fast-regen cloak. I’ll test it some more with both options, and you can look for one of the two in our next balance patch.

I’d definitely like to hear some of you guys’ thoughts on these and the other changes that came with 11.1.0. Thanks!

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