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Hi Walt

You can find the most recently updated ship specs here:

Ship Classes

As for the SV-1, I hear ya bud, but most of the ships in the game were nerfed and I personally think it (the SV) is still overpowered. Only looking at ships created since the Ver 11 update, SV still ranks in the top 2-3 of 36 total ship classes. That’s looking at performance metrics such as total gold earned as a class, gold earning efficiency vs time/conflicts/DmgGvn, # conflicts survived per ship, and so on.

Being slowed to warp 12 hasn’t made it significantly easier to catch at all imo. For one thing, the whole meta of the game has shifted to slower warp speeds with faster classes being removed and others being slowed down. The SV can still teleport off of its own torps and has the range to easily grind down/kill just about every kind of bot in the game. If tele-torping isn’t enough, it can take a ton of damage and still xwarp to safety. It’s practically invincible- and so much so that it’s almost broken. The same can be said of a few other classes I suppose, like br5/br6/interceptor but those classes are pretty weak-weaponed, and most strategies with those require more than spamming the same couple of macros over and over.

The Ver 10 scoreboard and stats pages were completely and utterly dominated by SV-1s. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case so far in Ver 11, so I haven’t really felt any pressing need to nerf it further. Only time will tell, but buffing the SV at this point feels like a step in the wrong direction. If we were to make the class more powerful weapons-wise, I think it would need to lose the ability to teleport off of its own torps.

I’m not saying “nope, case closed” by any means. I’m totally open to more discussion, exploring ideas, etc. So please don’t feel like I’m shutting you out here. If there’s a balance issue with the ship, I really do want to get to the bottom of it.

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