HoloTrek, a Star Trek RPG

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From the HoloTrek homepage:
“HoloTrek is a Star Trek themed role-playing game on a timeline that branched from the events of TNG/DS9 around the first season of DS9. The game attempts to remain true to the Star Trek universe; canon is highly regarded.

Players may choose to join the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Rihannsu (Romulan) Empire, the Ferengi Alliance, or Hellesport, an independent commerce station.

The game is primarily role-playing, but is supported by advanced space, combat, skills, and economic systems. A full commodities market economy is available for those that wish to strike out on their own as freelance traders, merchants, pirates, mercenaries, and spies.

HoloTrek welcomes both experienced and new roleplayers to the game. Good roleplay is rewarded; players who develop good roleplaying skills will find their characters growing in power and influence.”

This is a long-running ST text game hailing from all the way back in 1991. I logged into it today and found actual human players online! They seemed friendly and eager to help newbies. “Role-play” isn’t necessarily for everyone, but if you’re into it, HoloTrek might be worth a look. From what I understand, this game fell off into obscurity for a number of years, but the current crew seems to be working to bring it back to life!

To connect to the game:

TELNET holotrek.org 1701

Find more info on the HoloTrek Homepage and on the HoloTrek Wiki Page