XMLtrek, a Graphical JavaTrek

xmltrek display
From the XMLtrek website:

“XmlTrek is a marriage of the original mTrek/jTrek telnet server engine, with some modifications, with a Java client. The XmlTrek Java client extends the scope of the game from just the space environment to the actual planets and starbases found in the game quadrants. This is done by allowing the XmlTrek player to enter into side or mini games when orbiting a planet or docked at a starbase.

These games are written as dynamically loadable Java classes, sorry for the tech speak here, and can be written by players but are vetted an served from our own servers.

Currently these are very simple in nature just to test the process.

The XmlTrek Universe is divided into Quadrants. Each Quadrant is populated by robot ships, starbases, stars, planets, nebulae and other stellar stuff. The Quadrant you will be started in will be the Alpha Quadrant. This Quadrant is not as hard a place to learn to play the game as the other Quadrants. Once you gain experience in the Alpha Quadrant you will then be ready to face the challenges of the other Quadrants.”

XMLtrek, like the game running on MTrek.com, is Powered by JavaTrek. Aside from the obvious GUI interface, the XMLtrek fork also has several interesting modifications to the game engine. For example, planets and bases will “protect” any orbiting/docked ship by deflecting damage and by returning fire at an attacker. The *30* active robot ships know to steer clear of ships that are docked or orbiting, so players can enjoy this version of the game in relative safety while they learn the ropes.

to connect to XMLtrek,

TELNET xmltrek.com 1701

Or you can download the Graphical client for windows here.