Game Server Update 25 Jul 2012

Written by  on July 25, 2012 

Improved bot logic:

-Bots will ram enemy ships under certain conditions.

-increased overall bot skill level from 5 to 1. (Can be set at 1-5 with 1 being the most skilled)

-Bots overwarp more effectively and more appropriately now.

-Bots now have a much higher chance of landing a mine in combat. They also mine and wide-phaser cloaked ships more accurately and with more phaser power. (previously they only fired 25 power but now they fire a full burst)

-ESI-equipped bots are now less likely to accidentally phaser a starbase/planet.

-Bots will break peace if a juicy target presents itself. They are also more likely to vulture a weakened/injured ship than a full power one.

-When outnumbered or getting defeated, a bot will attempt to flee sooner than previously. Also factors in situational awareness and runs away from potential teams/vultures before fighting if possible.

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