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Well thank you. About flying Galaxies, I agree with what you say. I have flown little time with the beta-Galaxy, yet I already profited from the regen torps. One added powerfull advantage of the Galaxy compared to the KEV are the mines, as one mine hit does more damage than the 8 torp hit both Galaxy and KEV can deliver.
The beta Galaxy will most likely have some reduced effectiveness due to the fact that now, only the DV/Deneva and Ursus regions now remain as battlegrounds with supplies available nearby. Like you said, it is possible to stay there almost indefinitely, especially now with antimatter available at Deneva.
Numerous interesting little twist were added (fast phasers, new models) in 6.0. Some are potential threats to a Galaxy survival. The shorter torp range for some oblit carrying ships for example. Also, in Delta, I considered Scouts difficult targets best avoided, as I always took heavy damage *if* I could take it out, leaving me vulnerable for other bots to finish the job. Now armed with a cloak, a Scout can be a nightmare. I think the Galaxy will be a good survivor, but Im less sure if I will be able to make lots of gold with it.

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