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Thanks a lot for the Galaxy inputs. I think you’ve confirmed that the Galaxy might just be a little tougher in this version, and that it’s not entirely imagined on my part.

I’ve been playing around with the Ursus cluster in an attempt expand the battlefield for base-sitting types of classes… but I’m not entirely sure that’s the route I want to take with this. It feels a bit like killing a fly with a hammer. For starters, the quadrant (even with more bots) felt somewhat empty because the bots now seem to spend a lot more time in open space while patrolling, and once more than one bot ends up needing supplies near Ursus, they scare each other and get stuck in a loop of fleeing, heading in for supplies, seeing the other bot, and fleeing again- this with several bots at the same time. I’ve seen this behavior before, and it kind of breaks the immersion for me…

I’ll leave Ursus there for just a little while, but honestly the Galaxy (and similar ships) balance issues might be better dealt with on an individual-ship-basis, rather than a massive geographical alteration.

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