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6.0.2 (Beta) Update: 21 Feb

After quite a lot of testing and reading your feedback, I’ve made some ship balance adjustments. Most were very slight tweaks, but here are some of the more noticeable ones:

  • Reduced KEV-12 and KBOP cloak duration to original levels. (50 seconds and 60 seconds, respectively)
  • Added an oblit tube to KBOP. (From 1 tube to 2)
  • Bumped DY-600’s warp cost back to original. (From 1 to 2)
  • VSHAR warp/impulse energy reduction/lowered cloak cost.
  • EXCEL hull adjustment. (45 to 40) Torp capacity up to 66
  • ACR-45 energy tweak, removed drones, bumped mines to 12.
  • CDA-180 +10 torps. (70 to 80)
  • RWAR hull adjustment. (45 to 50)
  • Larson +8 torps. (48 to 56)

I’ve also bumped the bots up from 17 to 20, and reduced their respawn interval from every 13 seconds to every 60 seconds.

This week, I’ll concentrate a little more on the middle-speed classes in my testing, and perhaps get through the warp 14 ships. There will likely be another balance patch next weekend, which will hopefully dial-in most of the remaining ships, and i’ll have a look at the results of this weekend’s patch to see if anything else is needed.


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