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Hi Squirel

Thanks for the review. I will definitely put these thoughts through the grinder after I’ve logged some more testing hours myself.

I think the WB vs RWAR thing will basically boil down to personal preference. The RWAR is more forgiving and has more torps to tough it out in an extended conflict, while the WB is a little more lethal and earns gold a bit faster. I think both have merits and either one is worthy of flying. I can’t really expect balance to get much better than that.

I’ll agree that CV is a tough little ship. I think I’d put it on par with our other slow heavy-hitters like the KEV, Galaxy, Valdore etc. I’m not sure that it’s even “overpowered”, but I would definitely feel more comfortable flying it around than I would the “original” CV-97.

I tend to agree with the rest of your assesments, but I will add that the D’Kora might be a little too strong. I will run it through its paces first to be sure.

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