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Compiled all the patch notes so far into the 1st post.

Our latest patch included the addition of an xwarp (a la DY-600) to the Classic CON-II. (Not the II-A) Something was needed because it was basically a free kill for a few kinds of ships, and being cloakless, it was utterly defenseless after firing torps. The ultra-low power and high warp cost virtually guaranteed your death in certain situations. Incidentally, the low power means it will be difficult, but not impossible to use the xwarp offensively. Also the pilot must make the judgement call to use xwarp pretty quickly because the xwarp’s 30 warp energy requirement will leave you sitting if you take a few big hits. After playing around with one for a while in the new configuration, it feels much more balanced, and is actually pretty entertaining to fly!

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