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Alright. Let’s use orbiting/docking as an example, because it has a similar effect radius of 1-2 distance maximum for your ship to be “orbitable/dockable”.

In a br5, you can’t drop from warp 16 to warp 0 next to a planet and reasonably expect to be within “orbitable” range. You have to increment down to slower speeds so that when you stop, you are 0-1 units away.

…or is there a way to stop zero distance from the target planet, using only warp 16 and warp 0, stopping with a single keystroke in the span of one game tick?

Once you can answer “yes” to the above question, it is an easy translation into making those freighter torps connect. Sorry I’m being so cryptic about this, but figuring out the “why” first will help you gain an understanding of the fundamental mechanics of the game.

I’m practically giving you the answer here, but do this exercise, and you’ll be freighter tagging in no time:

  • Make a new br5.
  • Dock at starbase 6


  • It has to be a new br5 spawning from Orion
  • You can only use warp 16 and warp 0 within scan range of sb6
  • You can break the first 2 rules, but if you do, you have to quit and start over
  • You can quit and start over as often as you like

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