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Well, starting at a random point in space and traveling towards sb6 at warp 16, if you manage to stop as close as possible, there’s about a 4% chance of falling out of warp within a dockable distance -or a 1/25 chance. That’s why most players step down their speed in increments like 16-14-6-3-0

Since we’re comparing this with the freighter torp, which travels at warp 21 and has a smaller detonation radius than even the docking/orbiting range, you might only hit with 1 or 2 out of your entire 200 torp load. There is very little benefit in chucking them unless you know they’re going to hit. So how can you “know” when they’re capable of hitting? Even more importantly, how can you make it so?

Take another look at your br5/sb6 exercise. This time, run it in reverse:

  • Start out docked on sb6
  • Using only warp 16 and warp 0, move away from the base at warp 16 and then stop a few seconds later
  • Now move back towards the base and try to stop at zero distance without stepping-down your speed

I’m willing to bet that by doing this, you can land on the base 50% of the time or better. With practice and timing, you should be hitting it almost every time. Can you tell me why this is true?

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