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And then what if BR-5s were capable of traveling at warp 21 and will automatically stop/dock at any starbase?

But instead of docking on sbs, they would explode on ships- oh and we called them unlocked freighter torps instead.

So… Hypothetically speaking of course, during a battle, your enemy torps you, runs out of torps because your 25/35 shield hull, and then docks at sb4 to load up. Let’s say at the same time, you stop at oh, I dunno, 4,412 distance away from sb4 and intercept.

Depending on the target’s hull, it will receive possibly 100, maybe more damage in the amount of time it would take them to load 50 of its own torps. Meanwhile, you’re sitting still, recovering shields, and healing damage with all but 10 of your energy.

In a real fight, most players wouldn’t sit still for that and would probably move on to some other base – leaving you clear to heal/reload without xwarping.

4,412 isn’t the only distance the freighter tag works, but it’s at the longer end of the scale, and it’s easy to remember. If you want to save yourself some math, grab some scratch paper and fire torps off into space. Watch the distance updates for each tick. You can use that to make a list of distances between 1000 and 4,500 for reference.

Using the torps like this shouldn’t be your primary DY-600 strategy, but if you always have it in the back of your mind, you’ll find plenty of stationary targets to plink at. Over time, you’ll become proficient at stopping on a dime and remember the distances where the torps will hit.

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