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Tested: GALOR, BR-2000, and CDA-120

  • The Galor (obviously) bears a striking resemblance to the Ferengi in terms of form and function. However, the extra torp range and the regenerating mine open up the possibility of killing more ships, while the long scan range paired with low-visibility (75) give you a nice leg-up on situational awareness. There were a couple of tense moments but in general, I felt in control of the battlefield most of the time. I would certainly consider the Galor to fill a similar role to that of the Larson as a versatile, aggressive “slayer”. Thanks to the ESI and the regen mine, I think it would be especially useful against slower cloaking ships and it would probably rank near the top of my list for PvP.
  • The BR-2000 was a little challenging at first, but once I settled into a nice groove, I found it very rewarding to fly. I think the trouble was that I had grown accustomed to more “rugged” ships, and it took a bit of an adjustment on my part to be conscious of the relatively weak hull & shields. I found that the key was to accept that I can’t kill every target I go after in one torp load, and sometimes it was best to use the long torp range to deliver torps, and then simply leave to reload. The warp 14 was plenty to keep me out of trouble most of the time, but I was wary of faster ships like the D’Kora or the Interceptor. I didn’t have an opportunity to test this theory, but I felt like this is probably a great ship to beat a KEV-12. Full power and in open space, I have little doubt that I could kill one in PvP using the BR-2000. If I have a load of torps and you’re in a Sphere, just go ahead and xwarp.
  • The CDA-120 felt very familiar, and works like basically a lighter, faster Galor. The current 120 is almost identical to the and 4.x versions, with a regen mine and the ability to heal to its max of 120 Warp Energy. The hull is durable enough to get dirty in a fight and put the ESI to good use, and the Variable-Speed drones can punish a target that fails to zap them. On the flip side, if your opponent is zapping your drones, that means they have less energy to shoot you with, so it’s really win/win. The 10k scan range, 85 Visibility, and warp 14 gave me the initiative most of the time, but as with other non-cloakers, I had to be mindful of the faster Int/DK and the BR-5/6s. All-in-all, it’s a fun ship, and it has a lot of potential as a PvP ship. (Look out, Galaxys!)

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