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Tested: BR-5 & BR-1000

Really no surprises with either of these. Both ships are basically “easy mode”.

  • The BR-5 proved adept at picking off bots that stray away from the herd. The speed and cloak remains effective as always at punching holes through the AI to score some easy kills. Being a warp 16 ship, it was really only in danger when I let it be. There’s not much to say about this one.
  • The BR-1000 was enjoyable to fly for what it is. I think the most “profitable” way to operate it, is to use it as intended- that is, buzz around dumping torps on targets with the super long torp range and only move in close for a kill if a good opportunity presents itself. The only encounter that worried me was once in Beta quad when a D’Kora caught me out in space with only 20 torps. It could have ended badly for me had I been completely empty, but as it was, I managed to do a little damage before making it burn warp to get in close. I ran in for a phaser/mine which gave the DK just enough damage to make it run. The Gold bonus all Orions receive was more than enough to make up for the cautious play style needed for the BR1K, and firing only torps at no-score ships still returned a decent profit.

I’m ok with both of these as they are.

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