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Tested: VORCHA

The Klingon Vor’Cha has always been one of the more powerful ships in the game. For 6.0 that hasn’t changed. All of the ships received a buff of some sort, and the Vor’Cha is no different. There’s nothing apparent on the ship specs chart, but in fact, the regen-rate of the oblits has been increased to 1-per-second. So given enough time, the Vor’Cha is capable of detonating nearly any ship, even with only 3 oblit tubes. The speed and scan range combine to give the player almost full control over which ships are targeted, and I found it possible to dominate even crowded areas like Delta Vega.

The hull and shield are decent, but given the (relatively) limited torpedo range, the small number of tubes, and the slow regen-rate of the 40-second cloak, you have to be willing to take some damage in the process of killing your targets. If you try to deal out death on pace commensurate with your torp-regen, you might find yourself (as I did) fighting full-power ships when you have 70+ damage. The Vor’Cha simply can’t heal damage fast enough to keep up with torp/xtal reloading. The Vor’Cha is absolutely a bot-slayer, but it might not fare quite so well against a skilled human. Still, I think it might be somewhat Overpowered. Pushing it to its limits, I eventually got myself killed though so there’s that…

Even if it’s a little overpowered, I’m not sure that it needs to be nerfed; I don’t forsee the Vor’Cha becoming the only ship to fly when there are so many other good ships to use. It isn’t a world-killer and there are plenty of ways to counter it if another (human) player comes after you in it.

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