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I’m not asking you to get rid of the ships I’m asking you to make them different than their close relatives.


When I was first learning plasma I was flying a warbird and a player who I greatly admired said something to the tune of

“Use the Rwar instead it’s like a warbird on steroids”

The warbird might have better hull and shields but it can’t handle the damage it does take… Even if warbird had 70 torps and Rwar had 35 I’d still fly the Rwar.. The Rwar is more survivable…

In fact with most ships I usually use a *tiny* bit of caution but there’s absolutely no need with the Rwar since it handles damage extremely well. I dont see how the warbird is a better choice since its a sitting duck when it takes dmg.

And I don’t see why anyone would pick a

Kpb over a d11
D7 over a d11 or kev or vorcha


“”because you know, neither one them is named “Sphere” or “RWAR”… Amiright?””

I fly most of the ships (grinding bots for hours can get kinda boring in the same ships.I get bored quickly btw :p) I usually resort to sphere and Rwar since since there extremely survivalble and I can resort to the suicide play style without spending too much time repairing, and can take on every other ship class. I think I’ll be adding VORCHA to my favorite ship list too.

My idea of fun is grabbing a ship, flying to delta vega, and then sending all the bots the word “no”, and then blowing everything up, then quitting…

Happy hunting / boiling bots 🙂

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