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Dude I’m not trying to “win”. I’m just struggling to figure out if there’s something wrong with the ship balance -and how to fix it if there is.

“Balance” can be very subjective, and my point of view is also going to be skewed by my own play style, goals, and skills.

I’m sorry if I’m being overly defensive about the game; I just want to get it right. I don’t think I’ve gone overboard with the introduction of so many ships, but I’m open to that possibility…

But it might simply be a “thematic” issue- that I haven’t effectively explained why the ships are balanced the way they are. Perhaps I’m relying too heavily on the ships to speak for themselves when in fact, they aren’t as self-apparent to others as they are to me.

For example, not everyone else will pick up on the nostalgia factor behind including the RWAR, CON-II, D-11 etc, or see any value in giving every Klingon the same WE/IE. I suppose to a new player, these things might just seem redundant when they haven’t been properly explained.

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