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The “please don’t spam” post looks a lot more serious than the last one… I was hoping for a reverse sociology laid back kinda post that directs all spam to that thread. But I guess the site needs a serious no spamming warning…

Anyway thanks for teaching me how to use the tracking xwarp.. ITZ AMAZING. It’s not the easiest ship to fly but I’m sure sure in the right hands/paws it’s pretty lethal. It was extremely fun to fly and I realized something while flying it. I think I see mtrek a little differently… Before hand my idea of mtreking was grabbing the ships I was the most lethal in and slaughtering FTW but now thinking about it… Mtrek is a game. Games are meant to be fun. And maybe challenging yourself with unique and less lethal ships might be a rewarding challenge…. I’m guessing that’s why “outclassed” ships are still flown..


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