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Hi, had a few questions/comments and wanted to put them all in one big post πŸ™‚

First off is that a picture of you in your profile pic?

Nice job with the new welcome.txt it looks pretty awesome/classic

I’ve been flying the rbop off and on and I think I might’ve got the hang of it. It just clicked while reading one of your rbop war stories from like 4 years ago… And I think it’s been said a lot but… THE RBOP IS THE UPTIMATE SHIP

Rambo + Dirty Harry + Neo + The A Team + Captain Kirk, Spock, Data, Riker, + Macgyver + Bruce lee + Chuck Norris + Godzilla = RBOP (I’m sorry if I left out your favorite movie character but you get the point) THE RBOP IS INCREDIBLE although it is hard to use… But when flying the RBOP I rembered the GBOP. The gbop is just like the rbop but with bolts and drones. So I flew the gbop for a little while. And somehow the gbop seemed to be more powerful that the rbop πŸ™

The gbop’s drones are pretty useless in battle since cloaking and droning won’t work due to the drone detonation delay and they’re ineffective if the oppenont is running. And bots usually always whack drones. So the rbop has the advantage there…

But the bolts are a HUGE advanate for the Gbop since you can simply match the speed and plasma bolt the way you would in a vorcha. In fact you can fly a gbop the EXACT same way as you would a vorcha and use plasma to finish off the oppenont. So the gbop has the potentional to be very nasty and even players with very low skill can do a decent amount of damage with it. So what I’m wondering is

1.Why is no one using the gbop?
2.Does the power of the rbop make the steep learning curve worth it when there’s a crutch available?

And srry for jabbing the dialogue. I don’t personally like it but I guess other people do…

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