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First off is that a picture of you in your profile pic?

Yep, that’s me. I have no idea who the guy sitting at the computer is though.

Why is no one using the gbop?

Because no one realizes how OP it is.

Does the power of the rbop make the steep learning curve worth it when there’s a crutch available?

The RBoP is the Dark Side of The Force- a villainous power of corruption, set to unleash the flames of War upon all who bear inadequate dodge-plasma macros against it. Its sinister Black Lore is a Magick of destruction, which uses cloak and mines and rams to draw strength from its enemies’ souls. Thine torps are thy Scales and thy Trident. Fueled by a Plasma of Fury, they lay waste and pestilence to all the lands. The Vanquisher of Hope. The Hand of Death. The Fist of Might and Mayhem. Yessss…… The RBoP’s Power is undeniable. The real question would be, Is it worth the risk of being consumed by the immense Power of RBoP?

Basically, those who can, do. And those who can’t, fly the GBOP.

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