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Everyone has their own style, but I personally believe that the cardies (aside from the 180) are some of the best non-cloaking ships.

I’ll admit the 120 is a lightweight, but it has cheap warp and it’s quick. They’re pretty easy to keep alive imo.

The Galor (it’s a standard javatrek version like all the other T1 ships) is comparable with a Larson in most regards. The ESI, long scanner, variable drones, and regenerating mine make it a little better than the Larson for fighting cloaking ships. It also has a nice 20% gold bonus in this version.

The current game’s Keldon hasn’t seen much action at all, but I found that I could thoroughly trash the bots with it in testing. The scanner and ultra-low visibility (50%) are key to survival. It gets a boost in firepower over the Galor and it has a THICC hull/shield combo. Theres a 40% gold earning rate increase to boot.

I’ve seen one or two Jem Hadar ships (T2) since the new game version launched, and as anyone who’s played on this server for a long time can tell you, the JH is a Nasssty ship. If I had time to add another ship to my fleet… who knows. The JH doesn’t need any upgrade at all. On the other hand, it would be the faster of the two T2 options if ultimately unlocking the T3 were the goal.

The only T3 Cardy I’ve seen on the scoreboard so far is the Hideki named “1995”. I’ll just say that it’s worth the effort 🙂


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