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I think since players have instant access to any of the new super ships,
Its not unreasonable that even the freighter, essentially, unchanged for years, wouldn’t be immune from the effects of modernization. Sure, the Dy managed to maintain the style elements of the classic original, A modern Dy is still a freighter like the original, except through modernization, AM/FM stereo now come standard replacing the old mono band AM only radio.

Anyway, I wanted to suggest a Mk-II torpedo, 100 damage locked,
and 2X-3X unlocked. the theory being that an unlocked torp is a
torp with an over loaded warhead.

For the Sv-1: some ideas
less total torps with a faster regen?
fewer drones in exchange for 0 min torp range?

what about directional control for teleporters?

I actually have more ideas I scribbled in my notes,
i’ll post later when I find them

Klaatu Barada Nikto

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