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      Please use this thread to discuss Version 10. This is a great place for suggestions, comments, bug reports, game-balance issues etc. Thanks!


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      Got a certificate out of date error when signing in:
      “ uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on Saturday, January 6, 2018, 9:09 PM. The current time is Monday, February 5, 2018, 6:01 PM. Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE”

      The Easter Egg hunt for upgrades was a bit daunting.

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        I’m shopping for a new SSL cert so our address bars turn green and the browser warnings go away. Thanks!

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      I think since players have instant access to any of the new super ships,
      Its not unreasonable that even the freighter, essentially, unchanged for years, wouldn’t be immune from the effects of modernization. Sure, the Dy managed to maintain the style elements of the classic original, A modern Dy is still a freighter like the original, except through modernization, AM/FM stereo now come standard replacing the old mono band AM only radio.

      Anyway, I wanted to suggest a Mk-II torpedo, 100 damage locked,
      and 2X-3X unlocked. the theory being that an unlocked torp is a
      torp with an over loaded warhead.

      For the Sv-1: some ideas
      less total torps with a faster regen?
      fewer drones in exchange for 0 min torp range?

      what about directional control for teleporters?

      I actually have more ideas I scribbled in my notes,
      i’ll post later when I find them

      Klaatu Barada Nikto

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        The DY’s hull and shield were hardened somewhat for Ver 10. Also, the ‘new super ships’ were weakened and gold rates were reduced to balance things out.

        All that said, I am definitely open to making both the DY and the SV-1 more powerful. The ships are still practically immortal however, so the trade off by design is that they aren’t incredibly dangerous.

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      Rwar got nerfed hard this go around. how about showing it some love? buffing the shields a little or 1 second regen for cloak? maybe change the range to 0-500?

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        The RWAR did take a hit for Ver 10. I sort of fired from the hip with that one, but I’ll do some testing and give it a fair shake. Look for some game balance adjustments in the coming weeks.

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      idk, one could argue a br-6 is practically immortal as well.
      rather than sacrificing hull strength for weapon strength,
      I think a more appropriate adjustment would be reducing the total number
      of torps, in exchange for higher or faster output.
      the dy has what, like 30 drones? give it 50 drones and i doubt it would
      make a significant diff.

      increasing unlocked torp damage only would be more subtle and require
      more effort to utilize rather than a blind increase of the torp
      that does the same locked or not.
      I wonder how a freighter torp with a blast radius >1 would perform?
      A larger blast radius with the same damage might be a good tradeoff.
      If an object or ship is not moving, i’d be nice if a torpedo aimed with the correct vector would hiit the target rather than skip over it, but then again thatswhy unlocked torps should doore damage.

      Pump it up and lets try it. like 100 dmg locked, 150 dmg unlocked>
      dy: reduce max torps, drones 20@500 strength or something like that
      sv: reduce max torps and/or increase regen rate. add regenn to drones?

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        Those are some great suggestions. I’m sure we can show the freighter-torpers some love in the next game balance patch.

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      Br6 needs to be within the enemy’s torp/phaser range if it wants to do dmg. The bots just sit still when they’re being freighter tagged.

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        I agree

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      server needs a bounce.

      also the cert is invalid

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