Friendly Reminder: No Poinshipping/Multishipping please

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MTrek forums mtrek forum Friendly Reminder: No Poinshipping/Multishipping please

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      Not singling anyone out here; I would just ask everyone to remember that we all share this game and that all of the players here are valuable.

      In the past, Multishipping and Pointshipping have been a sore subject for some, and understandably so. Rampant cheating hurt the original game badly during the 1990s, and eventually drove some players away.

      So please be considerate to the other players and just don’t do it. I believe we’ve had a couple of isolated incidents lately, wherein a reasonable explanation was offered afterwards… Still, certain suspicious behavior will raise some eyebrows among our veteran players, and that’s a road I’d rather not go down.

      Thanks, and as I said, these seem to have been isolated incidents, so I will not be taking any administrative action at this time. Please continue to enjoy the game, all of you.

      Also, don’t forget to stop in for our PvP Arena event this weekend!


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