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      The forums have been lonely lately so what better way to revive the forums than with a debate. So I’m going to make the claim that the kev is better than the galaxy … Feel free to argue with me (a debate is a fancy less offensive euphemism for arguing XD)

      First off the kev has regen torps so you never run out !!!
      After 8 volleys the galaxy’s done, decommissioned, useless you get the point… Sure you might have phasers and mines BUT YOU’RE WARP 10!!!!
      Why would a ship try to challenge you to a close quarters fight when he’s efficient at torp range and you’re not? You could try mining in which case the ship could reverse while he waits for his shields to regen and you’ve wasted a mine, or decloaking at phaser range so he can wreck your ship then cloak before the fire delay is over….

      Next the kev has better phasers. At a glance you’d think the galaxy does but after a closer look you’ll find the kev does

      Kev 60 0-1000
      Galaxy 70 0-500

      @ 450 range the kev’s phasers WILL do more damage using phasers since weapon ranges stretch… Here’s an example lets compare the br1k and the d10. The d10s power photons quickly become ineffective the closer you get @ 999 it packs a powerful payload but @ 555 it’s like being slapped by a child. While br1k photons are effective even @ 1400 range!!!

      Longer phaser ranges also help detect cloaked ships from further away, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun being able to whack drones and mines at long range.

      Next off the kev can overarp so it’s easy staying in oblit ranges with warp 12 and below.

      And finally the kev is available on every mtrek server there is, most admins won’t take out the “core” ships so it’ll always be waiting for you in the years to come.

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      The Galaxy is better than the KEV hands-down in 9/10 of situations. The longer cloak + mines is more than enough to make up for the KEV’s mid-range phaser advantage.

      KEV’s biggest advantage is in Gold earned per second, since you’re not paying for most of your torps.

      Both ships have to stay near sb to survive very long, though I’d say the Galaxy can venture out further since the cloak is so much better, and the energy cost/warp energy is cheaper. The KEV has to get AM more often too.

      I honestly wish I could have buffed the KEV (along with several other “classic/standard” ships) to be more competitive in Delta… It would have been confusing though, to have different specs for the same ships in different quads.

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      The kev can fight effectively without the extra xtals… So you don’t really need to camp at xtal planet..

      Galaxy will win in a short term fight but a smart opponent could get with in 1200 range for about a second, take 1 or 2 volleys of oblits then cloak and back off to 2000 range while waiting for shields to regen and slowly make the galaxy waste torps….

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        To each his own I guess. The current Galaxy vs the current KEV is partly a matter of taste, but when I think of “which ship is better” comparisons, I’ll normally give a little more merit to the one that can survive the longest and accumulate the most gold over time.

        The Galaxy’s longer cloak, mines, and efficient warp cost make it a clear winner in terms of defensiveness and survivability. If you’re playing it correctly, you should almost always be within cloak range of a starbase, which is considerably farther for a Galaxy than it is for a KEV.

        The KEV’s 50-second cloak will get worn down by a faster ship or a team more often that of the Galaxy’s. Tell me, what’s the highest-ranking KEV in Delta, and what’s the highest-ranking Galaxy?

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      Scorpion πŸ™‚

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      Scorpion is the highest-ranking ship outside of Delta. The highest kev in Delta has less than 5K, while Pete has a Galaxy with almost 70. Merlin’s kev demonstrates that gold can be earned and kept in a kev, but how often do you think Scorpion has been outside of scan range from a sb? I would suspect for antimatter refills and little else. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even get xtals in that thing unless the quadrant is empty and no other players are online.

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      I don’t stick around sb’s in a kev I wonder off to go on an adventure πŸ™‚

      Quick question is the gbop still gonna be in 6.0 and is it any good?

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      The GBOP is awesome. I’ll probably leave it out until 7.0 (jk)

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      Is there going to be a beta???

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      Ok, can’t wait πŸ™‚ if you need someone to test the beta of the beta (you know to make sure a bot didn’t spill a drink on the pilots seat or make sure sb2’s coffee is up to par) feel free to let me know. I’ll be happy to held out any way I can πŸ™‚

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      Sorry typo help out anyway I can

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      • The rest of January, we’ll keep the gold promotion running.
      • The 6.0 Beta will run for the entire month of February.
      • In March, we’ll return to 5.0 while I finalize everything and make any necessary adjustments based on data collected and player feedback from the Beta.
      • Some time in April (possibly May?) we’ll see the release of mtrek 6.0)

      I can’t say for sure yet, whether we’ll stick with an annual release cycle for major updates, but I will say that it’s a comfortable pace for me.

      This time around, I’ll take a more relaxed approach for smaller, interim updates because frankly, there have been times throughout the year when I felt that an update would have been warranted to enhance gameplay- but I couldn’t do it without going back on my promise of “no changes”.

      In the coming weeks, look for an announcement detailing everything I just said, with some more specifics regarding the beta and the planned release of 6.0

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      Is there anything I can contribute?

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        Sure. I’ll definitely need help testing all of the classes and checking for bugs.

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