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      First off sorry for typos/grammer-errors I’m on mobile.

      Anyway some of you might’ve noticed the letters “MLG” in front of ships lately. If you’re unaware MLG stands for Major League Gaming. Basically it’s video game “pros” so let’s make Major League Trekking for mtrek pros πŸ™‚

      So my idea is to have user created challenges called “MLT Challenges”
      Right now we’re using dmg-given or total-gold to keep track of a players “skills” which is great but they’re a reflection of about 4 things

      Time invested
      Ship type used

      So my idea is to have extremely difficult player-created “MLT Challenges” which awards “MLT points” After you complete a challenge you upload the results to YouTube for proof. Depending on how well you did will depend on how many points you receive”

      So for challenge #1

      You must kill a d10 in a rbop WITHOUT using CLOAK or MINES while recording it with a screen recorder.

      First off you’re probably 2 things

      1. That’s going to be pretty hard.
      2. The rbop isn’t meant to be played like that

      And you’d be right.

      First off MLT challenges are meant to be extremely hard. It’s supposed to be a “challenge”

      The rbop’s cloak and mines is what makes the rbop the rbop taking them away is going to force the player to fight in a completely new and unfamiliar way.

      And sorry I know you guys probably don’t do social media/YouTube but at least try πŸ™‚


      You must use a “stock” rbop. Aka no admin class ships πŸ˜‰
      You must fight a d10 with no damage and at least 120 warp energy
      The fight does not count if a player/bot interferes
      It must be a “bot”
      The d10 most be dead
      Your ship must make it back safely to a sb
      no cloak
      No mines

      Them upload to YouTube and post the link as a reply to this comment.

      5 points to whoever kills the d10 with the least of mount of dmg
      3 points to whoever kills the d10 first
      1 point to whoever kills the d10
      1/2 point for uploading a failed attempt

      The player who won the “5 MLT Points” will get to create the next event

      This was just an idea. If you don’t like it or think something should be changed please voice your opinion

      Happy hunting –SQuirel

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      Sounds awesome. I don’t want to rename my “MLG” ships tho. And I don’t know how to record yet

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      k. figured out how to record. uploaded a test video to youtube… waited like an hour so far (seems like) for youtube to attach some b.s. song I’ve never heard of to my audio-less video.. There has to be a better way.

      I seem to remember a couple of years back (ok like 10 years ago) youtubing was kind of fun. I even had a funny videos channel of sorts with a ton of thumbs-ups. I don’t remember it taking anywhere near so long to upload, and well… hmph. pout pout pout whine whine.

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      Forgive the crappy video. It was a first attempt, and it really doesn’t show much.

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