MTrek streamed on Twitch!

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      Apparently an online gaming streamer, named “Zug” (I think) found our site somehow and spent a couple of hours here. He was streaming the session live on a service called Twitch. Some parts are a bit hard to watch, but I laughed pretty hard when the newbies were told to type “D” to control Damage.

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      In case the video embed doesn’t work properly in your browser:

      Also, you can read the the text chat box going along with the stream. when you watch on the Twitch website.

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      I’m sorry I usually follow an honor code that says

      1. No killing newbies
      2. No backstabbing
      3 Asking permission or officially declaring war before attacking
      4. Help newbies

      But I just couldn’t resist giving them “D” to control damage and chasing them around while I listen to them swear out their computers ๐Ÿ™‚

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