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      AvatarMichael Ensign

      So I’m a noob,

      is there any way to not get absolutely railed by people when they first see me? I’ve learned how to use transwarp to get away, but then I just run out of antimatter because I can’t refuel without getting shot at. Like, does a freighter trying to figure out how to refuel really need to be double teamed by pros in better ships?

      How do I tell people I’m a friendly freighter noob?

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      Are you sure it is not bots railing you? Currently there are just not enough live players to cause much of a problem. To avoid bots, try using the less used AM and crystal planets. You can also try getting AM in GAMMA where is much lower than ALPHA.
      You can also talk to people via messages, learn how to do that on the site. You can find out who the other players are by typing who -l instead of ship name on sign in. who just gives a list of active ships with stats.

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      Also start with a faster ship with cloak, like one of the BR series. You won’t do much damage, but if you’re careful, you’ll be able to get away, and learn in the process.

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