R.I.P. Obituary, 105K, March 21 2016 – July 3 2016

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      Here’s to you (raises glass), my dear sweet friend with 100 Phasers. Our time together was short but the memories shall live on forever (or until 90 days go by… Or five bigger ships die and bump you off the dead list on the front page).

      You were my first 100k CL-13 (on this server) but you won’t be my last. You may have died a quick and empty death, at the hands of a rammy already-dying bot… but it doesn’t have to be meaningless. In honor of you, as so many old people have done, I am naming my next CL-13 the exact same thing as you, its predecessor. Like a beloved 5th-generation terrier, this new CL-13 will carry the torch in name, if nothing else.

      And to quicken the healing for everyone, I will endeavor to fill up that front page dead-list with even bigger ships. Because once you’re off the front page, you may finally rest in peace. Until then, may your somber memorial stand as a reminder to all that no mtrek ship is safe. No mtrek ship is immortal.

      Zip, Merlin, Liberator, Dominator, Top Gorn, CON*AIR… Those names will headline the Obituary soon enough. Those names and many more. And while their pilots are all dear friends of mine, sacrifices must be made. Sacrifices of mtrek gold. And with these gold sacrifices, may our friendships be galvanized by torpedoes, may they be forged in the fire of phasers.

      So to all my friends here: pour one out for the homies, raise your shields, and keep your max negative warp macro warmed up. Because I’m coming. For all of you.


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