5.0 is here

Written by  on April 22, 2015 

5.0 has finally arrived.

First, Thank You, to all the players! Your help, patience, testing, and valuable feedback has been crucial to the success of since the very beginning. Without you, the game simply wouldn’t be here.

The scores have been reset and we are now entering day 1 of a new 365-day, No-Reset, No-Update* Cycle. Throughout the year, there will be promotions, events, and challenges. Also on the horizon, is a renewed ad campaign to help boost up the playerbase.
*Of course things like bug fixes and bot patches will occur… This, unfortunately, cannot be avoided. But for the next 365 days at least, Gameplay, Mechanics, and Balance will not be touched.

There is still a bit of website tidying-up to do: The documentation update is well underway now. A new bug-tracker will be added to the homepage for some transparency and peace of mind. The website’s scoreboards and stats-pages will see some improvement to complement the new split-quadrant game. All 5 quadrant maps can now be found on the “maps” tab at the top of each page. Coming soon, there will also be downloadable lists of planets/bases for each quadrant as well.

Thanks and stay tuned!