ver 7.5

Written by  on November 18, 2016 

The game has recently been updated to include the JavaTrek-era ships:

  • KBOP
  • BR-2000
  • D-10
  • VORCHA (upgrade, KEV-12, 5k @ Klinzhai)
  • VALDORE (upgrade, RBOP, 5k @ Romulus)
  • GALAXY (upgrade, II-A, 5k @ Earth)
  • AVG IX (upgrade, any ship, 1k @ Iridium)

Stability improvements:

  • The game will automatically shut down and restart every 24 hours (at Midnight Eastern Standard Time).
  • Before auto-restarts, an in-game alert will remind players that a server restart is imminent. (at the 1hr prior, 30min prior, and every 5min mark thereafter until the restart occurs)
  • Players should make every effort to save valuable ships at a starbase before the restart occurs to avoid losing progress/score.
  • If the entire server goes down for some reason, there is now a script to automatically restart the game upon reboot

Apologies for the downtime and inconvenience. It’s my hope that these changes are an improvement for everyone. Thanks!


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