Written by  on September 25, 2014

I’ve created a new stats page which shows the biggest ship from each player. Check it out. It’s kind of interesting. http://mtrek.com/flagship…[read[...]

Who died and made you rich?

Written by  on August 26, 2014

For the more “morbid” players out there, I’ve created a new page, which details the statistics of death in mtrek since the last database[...]


Written by  on August 2, 2014

game server update 2 Aug 2014 Adjusted bot AI. They (should be) somewhat less brutal on newbies, but hopefully still just as difficult to kill as ever… Feedback,[...]

The Clock is Ticking

Written by  on August 1, 2014

timezone update 2 Aug 2014 All server and in-game timezones have been set to EST obit [...]


Written by  on August 1, 2014

web server update 2 Aug 2014 Updated to wp 3.9.1 Installed some plugin updates Please let me know if you encounter any issues mtrek@live.com Thanks obit [...]

MTrek in Repose

Written by  on July 22, 2014

mtrek.com update 22 Jul 2014 Call it laziness. Call it busyness… It has been 10 months since I’ve posted a news update to the main page, and[...]

Wikifacespace MTrek Media

Written by  on August 19, 2013

As part of the new advertising campaign, I have just created mtrek’s official facebook page. Also, I started a request to have a multi-trek wikipedia[...]

Mark, Set, Go!

Written by  on August 14, 2013

Game Server Update 15 Aug 2013 The high score reset is complete. Over the next several days, I’ll compile the data and get the final results up. thanks -obit [...]

Locked, Cocked, Ready-to-Rock

Written by  on August 13, 2013

Game Server Update 13 Aug 2013 As promised, each patch following the reset announcement has been tested, verified, analyzed, and if need be, adjusted or[...]

Game Server Update 10 Aug 2013

Written by  on August 10, 2013

The mtrek gold economy has been significantly revamped. upgrade classes Upgrade classes now cost 5,000 each. (Vorcha, Valdore, and Sphere) gold earning[...]