6.0 (beta) Going live in February

Written by  on January 24, 2016

As I’ve mentioned to a few of you already, the beta for mtrek.com 6.0 is going live early next month. Most, if not all of the new classes, will be[...]

Multi-Trek: 30th Anniversary

Written by  on October 26, 2015

Nearly 30 years ago at the University of California Santa Cruz, Tim Wisseman approached Chuck L. Peterson with some early ideas for a text-based space[...]

Canonball [repost]

Written by  on April 9, 2015

[edit: This is a repost of the original “Canonball” spelling intentional – to shed some light on the origins of our upcoming PvE quadrant/mode[...]

New Quadrant Map

Written by  on February 15, 2015

All, Please be sure to send PeteZ a big thanks for creating this new Quadrant Map for Alpha! I think he might be adding some more touches, but it looks[...]

Beta 4.0: hotwash

Written by  on February 12, 2015

Based on a lot of feedback throughout the beta period and plenty of play testing/observing by your faithful admin, I think we’re just about ready[...]

Updates to mtrek.com: Discuss!

Written by  on February 3, 2015

It’s been a trying couple of days with the latest server issues… And Now, I’m once again confident in the stability of this server and[...]

Recent Downtime…

Written by  on February 1, 2015

Thanks everyone, for your patience, and apologies for the past several days of downtime. For those unsure of what’s been going on, I’ll give[...]

the decision is in: a high-score reset is imminent…

Written by  on January 27, 2015

…at some far-off point, waaay in the future. Some of you might recall a few months back, that there was some discussion of whether or not to do a[...]

going “pro”

Written by  on October 13, 2014

As previously discussed, mtrek.pro will be the testbed for new ships and features, and mtrek.com will be our “stable” server- only to be updated[...]

Is it time to reset the scores?

Written by  on September 25, 2014

I’ve been asked about this a few times over the last couple of months or so. I can see advantages and disadvantages to a reset, but I’d like[...]