Version 11.0.x Now Live!

Written by  on May 26, 2020 

Version 11 has arrived!

It’s been about 850 days since the last major game update. Here’s a breakdown of what’s changed (and some things that haven’t changed).

  • The scores have NOT been reset. All of your old ships are still alive. (UPDATE: this is no longer the case. Based on feedback from a majority of players, the scoreboard has been reset.)
  • The entire pool of ships has been re-balanced. Some of your old macros might require adjustment. Updated ship class specs can be found here:
  • The quadrant maps have changed to a classic/standard layout, and can be found here:
  • The economy has slowed somewhat and the bots roam across a much larger galaxy.
  • There is a forum post where you can ask questions, report bugs, or simply discuss the update in general here:


Classic Quadrant Maps

Ship Classes

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