Balance Update 11.1.0

Written by  on June 3, 2020 

Our first (and hopefully only) *major* balance revision for Ver 11:

Ship Selection Screen: (this is the major part)

We’re cutting the lineup deep. Twelve ship classes are being removed, based on much data gathered from before and after Ver 11 went live. In short, these are some of the most unpopular and underperforming ship classes ever. It’s true that some of them offered interesting elements for gameplay, but largely, the respective play-style niches they occupied were already being filled by other more viable classes. I doubt many of these ships will be missed at all. Whatever game enhancement they might have provided, was mostly overshadowed by the fact that there were simply too many ships to pick from (for new and old players alike). Only a very small number of living ships in the database were affected by these removals, and a change like this will be way less painful this early in the cycle.

Ship Balance Adjustments:

After chatting with some of you and spending a considerable amount of time pondering, it became very clear that a “playable ship” can be far more important to the game than one that remains strictly faithful to the “classic MTrek” for no other reason than posterity.

  • D-10 & D-11 Will once again be offered cloaks, but this time they’ll be Vor’Cha-style Klingon cloaks, and as a result, will be more suited to the energy consumption of the Klingon archetype. If a cloaking D-10/11 is an affront to anyone’s classic sensibilities, the journey to have it installed at Klinzhai is entirely optional.
  • CDA-180 can now pick up a non-Tracking Transwarp from Cardassia.
  • Galaxy is catching a slight buff with torpedo regen, and Intrepid is getting a little bit of a nerf. The rest of the ships are almost completely unaltered.

Economy Adjustments

The gold-rates were tuned a little further- particularly to account for ships that are either very expensive or very cheap to operate.

  • Since all the remaining 36 ship classes are now in a much narrower power/viability balance band, the gold earning rates have been flattened across the board. There are now fewer ships earning excessively high or low amounts of gold-per-damagegiven.

You can view the ship specs page here:

Ship Classes

And that about sums it up for this patch. Of course I’ll continue to monitor the game closely as we get it more dialed in for the long run, and I welcome your feedback and support always.

-The Unstoppable Obit

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