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Written by  on June 23, 2012 

I’m excited to say that the first (and hopefully the most difficult) hurdle has been cleared. We now have a running instance of the game on this server and a homepage to get new and old players alike, pointed in the right direction.

There’s still a long way to go..

  • the game: The high score list does not properly sort ships by gold. I am working to get the issue resolved, but it may be a while. It will require a bit of fiddling around in the guts of the java code.
  • the website: I have yet to add any content with real substance. I have made the site pretty though.. Hopefully it isn’t so pretty that players spend all of their time surfing here instead of playing the game. :/ I also worked out a logical site map to keep me organised as I plug-in useful pieces of info.
  • the website: I plan to add a discussion forum. Unfortunately, the WordPress default permalink settings force me to use long URLs with hyphens, numbers, “?”s and so on. Without “pretty” URLs, the forum software won’t work properly, so there. I’ll fix it though.


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