6.2.0 (major ship-balance revision)

Written by  on July 6, 2016

After gathering inputs from players and collecting data from the past 90 days of gameplay, our most significant ship-balance patch since the 6.0 Beta is[...]

Terms of Use Updated. (Please Read)

Written by  on July 4, 2016

Please take a moment to read our updated Terms of Use: Thank you obit [...]

6.1.4 (Bot Names)

Written by  on July 4, 2016

The only change for 6.1.4 is an adjustment to robot ship names. Some of you will notice the return of class-specific naming, as we had in the past 2 major[...]

Branching Out in Retro Gaming

Written by  on June 26, 2016

With all the buzz surrounding us in social media, one common theme, is folks asking about their own favorite games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Netrek,[...]

6.1.3 Patch Notes

Written by  on June 14, 2016

Updated the website’s ship specs table; corrected a few minor inaccuracies–green/red highlighting now reflects change vs previous game versions,[...]


Written by  on June 12, 2016

I’ve recently been considering when I should reset the Scoreboard- whether to base it on a calendar day, an anniversary, or some particular milestone[...]

This Weekend: MTrek PvP Arena!

Written by  on June 9, 2016

MTrek PvP weekend! We’ll try to meet up at these times: Fri 10 Jun 6pm and 9pm Sat 11 Jun 6pm and 9pm (Eastern Standard Time) There’s no strict[...]

MTrek v6 Teamplay events May 13 & 14! (Fri/Sat night 6pm & 9pm EST)

Written by  on May 10, 2016

Starting at 6pm EST Friday and again Saturday night, Teamplay mode will be enabled. (EDIT: There will be a second round starting at 9pm EST both days!)[...]

Share MTrek with your friends!

Written by  on May 1, 2016

I’m more or less testing Facebook’s “embed” feature here. This is a post that’s been floating around the fb scene for a couple[...]

Website Updates: Commenting and Registrations

Written by  on April 4, 2016

Our previously-mentioned DNS issues seem to be resolved now. In the never-ending quest for improved security and performance, commenting and trackbacks/pingbacks[...]