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Always glad to hear some constructive criticism. Player feedback drives most of the decisions I make here, so I’m wide open to suggestions.

But let’s be honest here, simply telling me to completely redesign a ship to “make it more unique” is pretty vague.

Maybe you could share which of these areas you think should be adjusted to make the AVG-IX less of a “Sphere knockoff”? (nevermind that the AVG predates the Sphere by about a decade…)

Turning Warp:
Cruising Warp:
Emergency Warp:
Warp Energy:
Warp Energy (w/ xtals):
Impulse Energy:
Warp cost:
Hull pct:
Cloak sec:
Cloak pwr:
Cloak rgn:
Scan Range:
Phaser type:
Phaser power:
Phaser recharge:
Phaser range:
Torpedo type:
Torpedo tubes:
Torpedo regen:
Torpedo min range:
Torpedo max range:
Torpedo quantity:
Variable sp drones?:
Drone power:
Drone regen:
Drone quantity:
Mine power:
Mine regen:
Mine quantity:
Gold earning rate:
Anything else:

So let’s start with that. And in the meantime, maybe another player could weigh in on the discussion. (Mike? Pete? pleeeease…) This whole thing seems awfully familiar. Only, last time it was Harold. The difference was, he said (rather vaguely) that it was too Larson/Galor-like and that it should be Feared, so I redesigned it… But according to the logs, I’m pretty sure he hasn’t flown it at all since the redesign. Go figure.

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